Songwriter Demos

SongMachine can take your lyrics, rough demos, chord charts, half written song ideas, scrawlings on napkins, song snippets and/or poetry and turn them into a song, an EP or a full length CD.

Custom Songwriting

SongMachine creates fully customised and bespoke songs that can be used as a unique gift idea for that special someone or, as a highly individual way for you to tell your stories to the world.

Song Feedback

SongMachine will enable songwriters to get professional, constructive and comprehensive feedback on their works in progress. Full demos, rough demos, it really doesn’t matter.

Song Collaboration

It’s said that two heads are better than one and writing a song with SongMachine it’s no different. Perfect for just bouncing off ideas to full song co-writes, SongMachine can make the difference either in person or online.

Songwriting Coach

Elite athletes use coaches to fine tune their performance so they can gain that competitive edge. So why can’t you, benefit from the experience, insights and observations of someone who has been there before you?

Session Musician

Need acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keys, vocals or harmonies on your recordings but can’t do it yourself? Allow SongMachine to fill in the gaps for you and make your next recording shine like never before.

Let’s talk about your next project…

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