Hello World! SongMachine Has Arrived

Hello and welcome to the SongMachine website. My name is Corey Stewart and I write, produce and promote music for myself and my clients.

SongMachine is a recording studio, songwriting service and an online label/music distributor all rolled into one entity.

Through this website you’ll be able to discover the types of services that I provide for songwriters, musicians and the general public, hear the music that is produced through SongMachine and keep up to date with the latest SongMachine news plus other relevant curated information that I find on the web.

If you have any questions regarding SongMachine, what it does, the services it provides then feel free to contact me and we can discuss what SongMachine can do for you and your next musical project.

In the meantime here is an example of some music that has been created here at SongMachine.


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